Course Information


At the Heart of Birmingham Vocational College we offer a highly inclusive and person centred approach to learning. It is our aim to create a safe, secure and independent learning environment where you will have a sense of belonging and take ownership of your individual destination outcomes.

Our main purpose is to empower you to learn and make progress with confidence for the next stage of your life. Our curriculum is delivered through practical sessions which are learner led - learning through meaningful, realistic, hands-on activities that will equip you for the future you want.

You will be able to make important choices about your own learning and about the
direction you want your life to go in.

Pathway to Independence

Dealing with problems
Rights and responsibilities
Personal Hygiene
Developing learning skills;
learn to learn
Getting on with other people
Developing self-awareness
Using interpersonal skills to contribute to positive relationships
Engaging in new creative activities
Developing communication skills
Developing skills for the workplace:
> Getting things done
> Following instructions
> Health and safety
> Looking and acting the part

Developing community participation:
> The environment
> Participating in sporting activities
> Using a community facility over a period of time
> Getting out and about

Pathway to Employment

Exploring work opportunities
Learning through work experience
Communicating with others at work
Health and safety in the workplace
Planning and reviewing learning
Rights and responsibilities in the workplace
> Tackling problems at work
> Travelling to work
> Working with others
Career exploration
Applying for a job
Exploring job opportunities
Communication with others a work
Customer service
Exploring business and enterprise
Overcoming barriers to work
Use advice and guidance
Maintaining work standards
Developing community
participation skills:
personal enrichment
Travel within the community:
going places
Using location health services