Learner Voice


Leanne – “when I first started at Calthorpe I was shy, but now I feel more confident just talking to people I already knew has helped me talk to people I don’t know. Before I started I had been on work placements in P.E and in the kitchen at school, but never worked outside of the place. I have worked at Marriot, Ming Moon and the hospital in two different parts. One taking the bins out and filling up the fridges which I didn’t like, but the second I like, cleaning things for infection control, I get paid for this and spending my money on stuff.”

“When I first started I didn’t know if I was capable of living on my own, because I had never really done it or was allowed to do it. But now I am living on my own in supported living, going to places on the weekend with friends from college and my sister”

“Hopefully when I leave college I will be working still at the children’s hospital because I am independent there. But I am always happy to come back to college to help there if they would ever need help.”

“The main thing I like about the centre is that I have always had support from the staff and had someone to talk to, this has made my life into being an adult easier than if I didn’t have them around.”

Emma – “When I started here I was a bit shy and nervous about meeting new people, but I have spent a lot of time with people here and made so many friends with staff and peers, this has made me so much more confident.”

“I have done some work experience before coming here at a gym, I was left there on my own and was a bit scared because I had never done it before. But here I worked with my sister in the Marriot but in a different part, I did food and beverage and she did housekeeping, knowing she was there helped a lot. We had a member of staff with us, we liked him being there to help us do stuff and it felt like I could do this eventually on my own.”

“I like Fridays here, we do health and wellbeing lessons, my favourite things to do are sport and living healthy, so staff helped me plan my own lessons so I can learn what I want to learn and not stuff I don’t like.”

“Living on my own was a dream that I always wanted to do and getting out the house more and meeting friends. Since starting CVC staff have supported me and I have been able to do this dream and have planned my own lessons to help me learn what I needed to learn to move out easier with the staff showing me how to do it on my own.”

“When I leave at the end of the year, I want to ask if I can come back and volunteer here as member of staff and give people the experience I had.”

Amar - When I started I was a bit shy when I first came here because I did not know anyone there and a bit worried that this place might not suit me but in the end of my time I have found that it does.

(Work Wise) – I have done different types of work placements like Botanical Gardens, Children’s Hospital (Paid) & POhWER to name a few.

I am at POhWER, which is a charity organisation that helps people with learning disabilities or are Vulnerable people (Elderly) I have for the most parts but there have been times where I thought to myself why am I here like when the Children’s Hospital placement ended through no fault of my own,

I thought what is the point of going to work but, since going to POhWER, I have felt better about my job prospects.

I am not sure but hopefully having a paid job somewhere at POhWER (maybe) but I have been told that I could do a job as a teaching assistant as well.