Person Centered Planning


Our approach at HBVC is person centred, we will work with you to create an individual programme based on your interests, aspirations and needs.


Openness - a simple and easy to use framework
Straightforward - clear and simple language
Clear - strong assessment principles for all learners
Transferable – learning in a range of settings
Development - skills that progress over time

Our team will work together to assist you to achieve your goals. Every learner is encouraged to reach a level of independence that is appropriate to them and their aspirations.

Our person centred planning will involve you being actively involved in a series of processes – for example:

For your involvement to be effective, you will need support in developing the skills that are central to these processes. These skills include:

Developing these skills will be part of an introductory phase leading towards learning, and will remain significant throughout the person-centred learning cycle and will be an integral part of any planning, assessment and reviews that take place.